Two 17 year old girls who happen to be both best friends and girlfriends:) (Now engaged!)
Don't hesitate to ask us for advice or submit a picture kissing your love!
iersten and Kaelyn

Anonymous: Together or not you guys run a kick as blog. I would hate to see the "break up" or input of others change this blog site. Stay happy and hope this take you both to better places

thanks! not sure what to do with the blog yet

Anonymous: why are people taking sides in a relationship they had nothing to do with fr fr sorry that you gotta deal with nosey anons

lol literally! this tumblr is getting out of hand, what’s done is done no need to answer a thousand questions

Anonymous: I support you both, and hope your life takes you great places, even if it means going in different directions. Wishing you all the happiness in the world :D

thank u! good man

Anonymous: Ur responses r bitchy. Is this kaelyn or Kiersten


Anonymous: I never thought I'd see y'all break up but Kiersten seems really happy so I'm glad

that’s good

Anonymous: #teamkiersten

lol #teamedward

Anonymous: You said u were bisexual homoromantic...ur dating a guy. Explain

he wooed me over, I rly like him… his gender isn’t a big deal to me

Anonymous: I'm glad to see you split up, Kiersten deserves better


Anonymous: Do you like each other's new partners?

Not my place to comment but as long as she’s happy

Anonymous: Why is the picture still of you guys and the bio still the same??

the status of our relationship on the Internet isn’t really a main priority of mine to update