Two 17 year old girls who happen to be both best friends and girlfriends:) (Now engaged!)
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iersten and Kaelyn

Anonymous: What about you, Kiersten? Would you ever get back with kaelyn?

It pains me to say it, but probably not. The relationship we shared was something so unique and it’s something ill treasure forever. Through it all I learned so much about myself and about what love is/isn’t. I wouldn’t trade what we had for the world, it was an experience to be had and it has shaped me into the person I am today. That being said, kaelyn and I seem to have different takes on life that are just too far apart to converge and form a successful union. I wish things didn’t end the way they did, but as I always say, everything happens for a reason.

lottiedudley: Would you ever get back with kiersten? Do you have any feelings for her at all? Or have they all gone?

I hate answering questions like this because its hard to word what I feel, I live by the motto of never knowing what is going to happen next in life.. that being said i don’t know if I’d ever let myself revisit a past relationship like the one Kiersten and I had, it was very special and I think it should remain that way, it was a great first love. my feelings towards kiersten are hard for me to understand, I try not to think about them because there really isn’t any point but there are no romantic feelings or anything similar to that… yea I really don’t know how I feel about her anymore, there’s many mixed feelings I guess

Anonymous: What kind of camera do you use?

Sony handycam HD

Anonymous: Kaelyn, since you're dating a guy, with the explanation of "He wooed me over", you're making the whole LGBT community look unserious. Sexuality is fluid, but how you're stating your situation, you make it as if you're not even acknowledging what your sexuality was/is. Many of us feel that you weren't serious when you said that you are homoromantic. How can the LGBT community prosper if others see someone previously part of it seemingly change her sexuality with no explanation? Are you bisexual?

I could go on a rant and refute your argument but it honestly would be a waste of my time, I’m with a PERSON, that’s all the matters.. who cares what I label myself as? I’m a human being that’s it, all I’m looking for is happiness and love, gender doesn’t matter to me

Anonymous: Y R U DATING A GUY?

why not?!

Anonymous: your dating a guy?


alimkay: We love you! And I have nothing against either of you, because life can change directions whether you like it or not. It wouldn't have been fun to watch videos of two girls who weren't in love. If you had just pretended for viewers, it wouldn't have been genuine. We'll miss you, but we learned from you, and remember you. Life goes on! That was the past, and we have to look to the future. Not just for ourselves, but for everybody. Hope you two have great rests of your lives! Love you forever!

what a beautiful message, thank u!

Anonymous: Kaelyn, you too?

I have a blog I use regularly but I’d rather not have it be associated with this one, I’d like it to be just for me you know.. :/

Anonymous: Ignore the haters.

it’s crazy how people waste energy hating people they don’t even know, thank you I sure am:)

Anonymous: How tall r u guys? Sorry, just curious...

I’m 5’3” and kaelyn is 5’8”